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 Zyzzdriven - Retribution Paladin 
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Post Zyzzdriven - Retribution Paladin
State your character name, class and server if you are transferring.
Zyzzdriven - Retribution Paladin

Do you have any level 80+ alts? If so, please list their classes and spec.
Daryldixon -
Frustration -

If you are over 18, how old are you?

Tell us a little about yourself.
I spend most of my free time playing World of Warcraft and doing automotive restorations as my hobbies, I also take fitness extremely serious and spend most my nights in the gym pushing myself to the limits. I tend to be a very dedicated person to anything I start in life but I'm always relaxed and enjoy running transmog runs or just going for hikes in real life to relax.

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:00pm to 10:30 pm Server Time (CST). Can you make this time?
I can.

Provide a link to your armory profile. Please log out in your raiding gear! ... ven/simple

Tell us about your gear. Such as what are the weaknesses and strengths? What is the most important upgrade you are looking for next?
My gear is far from best in slot but overall I feel comofrtable going into normal modes, My weakest slot is my ring (slot 2) which is for the time being, PVP.

Summarize your raiding experience.
Here we�ll start seeing the flaws in my app if there weren�t any before. I�m a Wrath baby. Thought WoW was a garbage game, laughed at people playing it. Tried it, now I�m stuck since few years back. I do not carry any impressive resum�s or top world kills. That is why I�m here, applying to you, trying to change that. I have always cleared content but I've never been the first or the best. I started raiding in a serious manner around ulduar with undying legends and ended up in evil deeds incorporated for a big part of TOC and ICC until a work change forced me into project prozac raiding late nights. I joined exalted order at the start of wrath but with Zaniel gone the guild was very unstable and I ended up taking time off due to health reasons. I started again in firelands with eternium and basically finish cataclysm with them for the most part. Since mop I haven't done anything outside of LFR for a pure and simple lack of progressive 25man guilds on Aggramar. 10 man guilds are nigh impossible to get in as a dps so I have toyed with transferring to another server but Aggramar has been my home for a long time.

What do you believe is your class role in an endgame raid.
My role in a raid from my dps point of view is of course the basics. Try to put out as much damage as I possibly can without going into a mongrol tunnelvisioning mode of doom. Exploit every single way that can help me deal a great amount of damage, like Garajal for example where lining your CDs perfectly with a spirit realm phase will make you shine, without jeopardising for the whole raid of course. But that's not the only thing I have to "worry" about as a ret pally. We are also a support spec, more a support spec than anything else it feels like at some points. For fights like Sha and Garalon etc Hand of Purity can become really handy for huddle/pheromones for an example. Sacs are always really handy to throw out when needed especially in next patch when it will break cc, not sure how that will affect pve but I am sure there will be some mechanics it will break people out from. Not to mention our bops.

This expansion also gave us a few cool things glyphwise where in fights like Windlord, Garalon, Stone guards, Feng, Sha and probably more fights I've forgotten now the exorcism aoe glyph has become almost mandatory for me, you might not think it boosts your damage when you just look at the glyph but it really does and after playing with it a long time I can't really imagine how it took them so long to give this shit to us!

What I also usually do and have done ever since T12 is not only prepotting, but preuse my guardian on such fights where CDs are popped at the start by using the T11 prot set (which increases the duration of it by 50%) then guardian and swap back. This allows me to really push some really extra easy damage. When they fix this, which I'm pretty sure they will when we least expect it there will be a sad day for most rets in the ret community.

What is your favorite boss fight and why?
I enjoyed sindragosa in ICC very much, Using your allies as a shield was not a new concept but it was especially epic feeling for me here. I enjoyed the vast amount of strategey that had to be employed and raid awareness that we dont see very often (ragnaros split phase and hagara lightning phases come to mind). I enjoy when we have to employ scribled maps and lengthy posts to down a boss as the feeling is much more satisfactory than just wiping on something 40 times because the heals were low or something to that effect. Wipes from mechanics see to be rare these days.

How have you handled consumables for raiding in the past? Did you consider them important?
I've always came with flasks in excess and prepared to prepot on progression bosses as many times as time allowed.

Tell us about your guild history. Where have you been, where are you now, and why did you leave?
As I touched on earlier my first real progressive guild was undying legends which I was kicked from due to a communication issue where I posted I was going on vacation and they didnt see the post and came back guildless, when they wanted me to reapply for a invite I simply moved on. From there I went into Evil Deeds Incorporated where I had much fun in TOC as a warlock named chronos. I did ICC for a large part until a work schedule change forced me into night raiding with project prozac. Where I stayed all of wrath and part into cataclysm until a job change put me back on days so I went into exalted order as they were experiencing hard times and I was there for a while until they went to 10man only and there was only room for me as a bench. At that point I went to eternium with Lutharian and spent much of cataclysm with them until health related problems had me take a break. I did clear Heroic DS before mop though. As for MOP I have done evry little on normal mainly MV and Heart of Fear on normal.

Do you have ventrillo? Do you have a microphone?
I do and yes.

Did you read our guild charter? It's terribly out of date and no longer applies, but it was what we used to be.
I am very familiar with it.

What else should we know about you?
The most important thing is that I think I can supply you with a dedicated raider.
Personally I want people around me with dedication in the backbone and a competetive mindset. I want to grow as a player. I want to have excitement, I want something special out of the time I put into the game.
I want to be part of a community that care about progress and gives everything to achive it. I want to logon for raid and find others outside the raid instance. I want to enter the raid instance and know, for sure, that people give a fuck and optimize thier characters perfectly for the upcoming boss.
It�s a lot to ask for, but I think that I will find it within your ranks.

Please attach a screenshot of your user interface:

Mon May 20, 2013 8:51 pm
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Post Re: Zyzzdriven - Retribution Paladin
i say we invite for lfr and see what hes got.


Tue May 21, 2013 7:11 am

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Post Re: Zyzzdriven - Retribution Paladin
having known this loser for a long time i will vouch for him as a good player.

Tue May 21, 2013 7:54 am

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Post Re: Zyzzdriven - Retribution Paladin
nice keybinds

Tue May 21, 2013 4:54 pm

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Post Re: Zyzzdriven - Retribution Paladin
pfft naga does everything on my lower bar, hold shift for everything on my upper bar.

Tue May 21, 2013 7:57 pm

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Post Re: Zyzzdriven - Retribution Paladin
After much thought I decided to move to another server - I therefore must withdrawl my application to the guild as a raider but after our ingame discussions it didn't seem there was any need for more melee anyway. All the same I hope this does not inconvenience you in any way and I wish you much luck in tot and taking down garrosh!

Sun Jun 02, 2013 8:42 pm

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Post Re: Zyzzdriven - Retribution Paladin
Sorry the our roster didn't work in our favor =/

Best of luck on the new server!

Take Care! =)

Sun Jun 02, 2013 11:53 pm
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