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 PiratePookie - Hunter 
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Post PiratePookie - Hunter
State your character name, class and server if you are transferring.
PiratePookie, Hunter, Aggramar

Do you have any level 60+ alts? If so, please list their classes and spec.
I have All classes and my lowest is lvl 85 Monk, I can list them all out if needend but 11 toons takes up space :)

If you are over 18, how old are you?
Haha. The infamous age question. I am 30. < only needed to change one number.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am the center child in a family of 5, I have no kids. currently I am living and working in the NorthEast point of the US Scuba diving (yeah its cold in the winter but much fun)

We raid four nights a week on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday 7:00pm to 11:00pm Server Time (CST). Can you make all of those times?
I should be able to make though time 99% of the time (unless out of town or somthing which is rare)

Provide a link to your armory profile. Please log out in your raiding gear! ... kie/simple

Tell us about your gear. Such as what are the weaknesses and strengths? What is the most important upgrade you are looking for next?
I know that my char is sitting in just about the best gear possible outside of Ulduar gear. As far as upgrades go, my head piece, belt and one of my rings would most likely be the most "needed" upgrades.

Tell us about your Talent Spec. Why have you chosen this spec?
Currently Marksman hunter, I pref survival but its trash atm :( ( I can raid on other toons and specs, I have just found that MM is the strongest atm) once I have a couple sets going it should be the strongest spec to have.

Summarize your raiding experience.
AQ while current... that should tell you a little ( but I have raided every expantion since) I have tanked: Pally ,DK, Driud Healed: Druid, Pally and DPS: Everything all specs other then Monks I have only leveled my monk and not really raided with him.

What do you believe is your class role in an endgame raid.
As a Hunter (once I know the fights) I would normally deal with kiting things and dpsing ranged focused adds while attacking boss when not getting RANDOMLY focused by all mechanics in a given boss haha

What is your favorite boss fight and why?
Hmm, I would have to say 3 drake Sarth when it was current in WOTLK was a very challenging and fun fight and at the time I was a tank and the taunt timing was insane so you didn't let you fellow Tankbro or TankLady get one shot. , and Current expantion I would say Brackenspore because clearing moss to get a damage buff and rock the damages was alot of fun.

How do you handle having consumables for raiding?
I try to farm out the mats and have them made and ready each week, but if needed can get stacks and have them in bags at all times

Tell us about your guild history. Where have you been, where are you now, and why did you leave?
I have only left guilds for two reasons The first guild was a guild from BC-WOTLK and the guild xfered to another server and the next time I left the guild because I sever xfered to Aggramar in Cata and Started a guild called United with Xzalted it was a 10 man friends and mostly casual untill the start of this Exp but after doing Heroic all but last boss a week after heroic came out we had half the group quit playing wow so its just a few of us that still play.

Do you have ventrillo? Do you have a microphone?
Yes. Yes. along with 9 other chat systems people try to use haha

Did you read our guild charter?
I did, I need to grab a couple addons and learn a little more about this EPGP setup but all in all it sounds fair and simple

What else should we know about you?
I'm easy, but not like your thinking... I am normally willing to fill a role or learn to do a task during an encounter (if I am able to) also Im a bit of a joker but also know that has a time and place like during a fun run or alt run and I will tend to Ask any and every question I can to learn what I should be doing (if I dont understand the task ) Lastey I WILL be having FUN so look out Unfun People :)

I then got hit in the poofery valve and I was gone. . . Where you might ask. . .

Tue Dec 15, 2015 7:16 pm
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Post Re: PiratePookie - Hunter
Sorry about the Blue it seemed like a good idea till I tried to read it.

I then got hit in the poofery valve and I was gone. . . Where you might ask. . .

Tue Dec 15, 2015 7:26 pm
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Post Re: PiratePookie - Hunter
Yeah you should've inverted the colors (blue for questions, white for answers)

App is good, but already talked to you about how we're swimming in hunters. Let me know when the shaman is around 700 ilvl!

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

Tue Dec 15, 2015 7:50 pm
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