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 Farjin - Restoration Shaman, Vanawhite - Ass. R - Casual/FnF 
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Post Farjin - Restoration Shaman, Vanawhite - Ass. R - Casual/FnF
State your character name, class and server if you are transferring.
Farjin, Shaman, Aggramar (H), Vanawhite, Rogue, Aggramar (A)

Do you have any level 80+ alts? If so, please list their classes and spec.
Patsajack, Rogue, Vanawhite, Rogue, Farjen, Hunter, Richard, Warlock, Reelai, Monk, Jinfar, Deathknight

If you are over 18, how old are you?

Tell us a little about yourself.
I work in sales, am already committed to another raiding guild, but would like to have an alliance character in an active guild for general shenanigans. I have been known to sing in vent/mumble when I have a drink, I prefer to keep my mouth shut when someone else is talking. I like dogs better than cats, and live on the East Coast. I also have a working knowledge of firearms, and a variety of manufacturing processes that will bore you beyond reckoning.

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:00pm to 10:30 pm Server Time (CST). Can you make this time?
Currently, no. Not only conflicts with my current raid schedule on my hunter, but I'm not applying for a raid spot whatsoever.

Provide a link to your armory profile. Please log out in your raiding gear!, ... ite/simple

Tell us about your gear. Such as what are the weaknesses and strengths? What is the most important upgrade you are looking for next?
Negligible. Leveling gear that I will probably supplement with pvp when I have free time. This is not going to be played as an active account, meaning i'm putting the same time I would in on the main, i.e. 10 plus hours just raiding, farming mats, etc.

Summarize your raiding experience.
Raided on a limited basis in Vanilla on the Deathwing server, BC was very casual for me, a little Kara and BT, but nothing serious on Aggramar, Wrath was all with Dread Pirate by and large, Cata was mostly with Expiation when they needed the extra healer/heroic attempts until Deathwing raid, Mists was pvp focused for the first tier, then raided Terrace and Isle into heroic pulls, switched to another guild (Covetous) for Siege up to current.

What do you believe is your class role in an endgame raid.
Healing or dps, if I were going to raid.

What is your favorite boss fight and why?
Old content: Firefighter and Yogg:0 are two that i really love. Sha of Fear I really liked as well for the cinematic feel to it. New Content: Blackhand is an engaging fight, and I liked Imp as well.

How have you handled consumables for raiding in the past? Did you consider them important?
Not that it matters, but my personal view is showing up for a raid without a flask, 125 food, and augment runes is an indicator you aren't willing to put time in for everyone else in the raid team. Raiding is a team sport, but you should be accountable for the basics.

Tell us about your guild history. Where have you been, where are you now, and why did you leave?
Recent, Covetous (H). Past Dread Pirate, Rollface, etc. member. My guild history is available for both of these characters as well as my alts on Feel free to look around.

Do you have ventrillo? Do you have a microphone?
Sure, though, who "doesn't have a microphone"?

Did you read our guild charter?

What else should we know about you?
I am open to discussion, willing to interview via vent if you prefer. I have no requirements regarding guild bank access or even gchat should you have any security concerns. I will have no requests for materials either, though I might be able to help supplement some of the raid materials should you have need due to overflow from other characters.

Please attach a screenshot of your user interface:,d.cWc&psig=AFQjCNH_E4LzLn6-SXLs7qSCcJlgrXtvSQ&ust=1433865103420951
My UI is identical to this image.
Additionally if you have any Logs of a raid you participated in please provide the link.
Not this character, but if you are interested:

Mon Jun 08, 2015 11:00 am
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