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 Erojii Application 
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Post Erojii Application
State your character name, class and server if you are transferring.

Do you have any level 80+ alts? If so, please list their classes and spec.
I have a 90 Prot//Ret Pali (Hirojii), a 90 Prot//Arms Warrior (Linojii), a 90 Bear//Boom Druid (Genjii), a 90 Blood//Frost DK (Vinrojii), a 90 Enhance//Elem Shaman (Kyrojii - currently Horde)

If you are over 18, how old are you? 25

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am married (going on ... Uh, four? years. Don't tell me wife >.< We have one daughter, DeLaney, she is coming up on 18 months, and my wife (Chrissy) is pregnant (about 4-5 months along) with, what I strongly believe, will be our second daughter. I have been playing WoW since beta, have taken a few breaks in the past but always came crawling back! Outside of WoW i sketch, write, play the PS3 (all of which I do whenever i have time aside from my wife and daughter). I work at Bank of America, in the fraud department (so if you wanna know how to work the system just let me know :P). Uhhh, I really don't know if that as a little or a lot, but there you go. I'm pretty open to feel free to ask anything.

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:00pm to 10:30 pm Server Time (CST). Can you make this time?
I would randomly be available. Depending on my wife and daughter really. I am interested in raiding, but also would like to join merely for the social atmosphere and the larger pool of friends and people to play with.

Provide a link to your armory profile. Please log out in your raiding gear! ... i/advanced

Tell us about your gear. Such as what are the weaknesses and strengths? What is the most important upgrade you are looking for next?
Uhhh, weaknesses? I am not sure. None of it is higher than LFR or Timeless? My next big upgrade would be replacing my Sha touched dagger (can't find something better than that +500 Agi!).

Summarize your raiding experience.
I've raided all of Vanilla, all of BC, bits of LK, end of Cata (when it was easy :P) and just LFR for MoP. Mostly i did just LFR in Cata and now MoP. LK i didn't do much as far as progression. I haven't raided in any serious sense since BC.

What do you believe is your class role in an endgame raid.
To put holes in the mob everyone else is putting holes in? Oh, seriously? Damage output. Obviously, if the raid requires another skill i have available, then that; however, seeing as all the specs for Rogues are DPS. Then, just that, DPS.

What is your favorite boss fight and why?
Out of any of them in WoW? They all have interesting mechanics. In MoP? I think I like Garrosh a lot. It is long, but a lot of mechanics to keep in mind, not just "Meat Shield, DPS, oh heal me".

How have you handled consumables for raiding in the past? Did you consider them important?
I can make them all myself. Yes, they are important for progressive raiding.

Tell us about your guild history. Where have you been, where are you now, and why did you leave?
I have been in a lot of guild since Vanilla. In no special order: QBG, Vlos Drathir, Exalted Order, 4 Wheels of Fury, Easy Company, Carpe Draconis, Project Prozac, Caution, All Most Righteous, I did a small stint in Disposable Heroes back when, Oh, Evil Deeds Inc, umm, more maybe? I was a guild whore through Cata. I am just sitting in Caution now cause I know//knew the old guild master who doesn't play anymore.

Do you have ventrillo? Do you have a microphone?
Yes, and yes

Did you read our guild charter?
No, I don't read fine print things, and I wouldn't lie about it.

What else should we know about you?
Ask and ye shall receive

Please attach a screenshot of your user

Additionally if you have any Logs of a raid you participated in please provide the link.

Thu Nov 14, 2013 12:46 am
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Post Re: Erojii Application
Hit shintorg up for the FnF Invite, We'll see if/how the raid avaiability works out.

I like to raid. Happy people like to raid. So, I guess I like happy people... Kinda, sorta...

Thu Nov 14, 2013 10:54 am
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