Agartha - Arms Warrior
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Author:  Agartha [ Thu May 23, 2013 11:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Agartha - Arms Warrior

Agartha | Arms Warrior | Aggramar

Do you have any level 80+ alts? If so, please list their classes and spec.

Elemental Shaman

If you are over 18, how old are you?


Tell us a little about yourself.

College student on summer break. I'm working night shifts.

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:00pm to 10:30 pm Server Time (CST). Can you make this time?


Provide a link to your armory profile. Please log out in your raiding gear!


Tell us about your gear. Such as what are the weaknesses and strengths? What is the most important upgrade you are looking for next?

Lots of stuff from t14 normals, couple of shado-pan pieces, couple of ToT raid finder pieces. And my one achilles heel that I can't seem to get rid no matter how many tokens I use, my 463 trinket. Ironically it's also BiS after the shado-pan trinket until I get tot trinkets.

Summarize your raiding experience.

Started playing WoW about 2 months ago, been 90 for 6 weeks. I pugged all of t14 and some of t15. Downed Jin'rokh and Horridon with a bunch of tries on council. I raided current content in lotro way back in the day, finished swtor content when it first came out, nothing too serious.

What do you believe is your class role in an endgame raid.

Do damage. Drop banners, use rallying cry, don't be dumb.

What is your favorite boss fight and why?

Amber-shaper was a lot of fun and pretty unique. I enjoyed dancing in Will too.

How have you handled consumables for raiding in the past? Did you consider them important?

I've mostly pugged so I just bring my own stuff. 1600 in your main stat is pretty important yea.

Tell us about your guild history. Where have you been, where are you now, and why did you leave?

Mostly just spamvited level 25 guilds. My current guild is raiding ToT but they have 2 10 man groups that are both full and pretty inflexible. I'm pretty tired of sitting on the bench so feel free to tell me if you're full/can't use melee dps.

Do you have ventrillo? Do you have a microphone?

Yes and yes.

Did you read our guild charter? It's terribly out of date and no longer applies, but it was what we used to be.


What else should we know about you?

I'm always on time, I'm an insomniac, and I'm very patient.

Please attach a screenshot of your user interface: http://i.imgur.com/QYcfzQG.jpg

Author:  Royalite [ Thu May 30, 2013 10:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Agartha - Arms Warrior

We're looking for healers or ranged dps (minus mages and hunters).

Sorry but good luck with your future adventures!

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